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5 Blocks Which Are Holding You Back From Reaching Your Full Potential

5 Blocks Which Are Holding You Back From Reaching Your Full Potential Do you have dreams, ideas and visions which you struggle to bring into fruition?

Perhaps, you’re doing EVERYTHING in your power to follow your inner guidance, but somehow you still find yourself feeling stuck?

Say no more! The 5 blocks I’m about to share with you are more common than you’d think. Nevertheless, there’s a solution to every problem, and I’m excited to tell you that you don’t need to suffer in the process of creation, it can be joyful and it can flow with ease.

Let me share with you the tools to get you started on exploring some reasons why you may be self-sabotaging the process of manifesting your dreams into reality, and guide you through practical ways to help you unblock and create with more freedom.

5 Blocks Which Are Holding You Back From Reaching Your Full Potential

#1 - Fears 5 Blocks Which Are Holding You Back From Reaching Your Full Potential

Perhaps you’ve noticed when an opportunity comes your way, your body signals a tingling or paralysing type of sensation.. you mind may begin to freak out and before you know it, you’re making all kinds of excuses why this opportunity is not for you, or the time is not right OR that you just need longer to gain the experience needed. Sound familiar?

I recently, found myself in that very situation, and the fear of the unknown literally shook me up! However, knowing what I know now, I faced the fear straight on! I sat with my emotions, paid attention to my breathing, the thoughts in my mind, and told myself, ‘You’ve got this girl!’

Our survival instinct is constantly trying to protect is, and keep us out of real danger. It responds in stressful situations through the sympathetic nervous system, known as ‘Fight or Flight’. When we sense danger, it alerts our minds that something very threatening is about to happen. Given the times we live in now, you could say there’s a lot to fear. But, most of what we fear is a projection of past experiences, societal programming and beliefs we attach on to, which continue to connect us to these fearful responses. This way of perceiving reality keeps us safe, within our comfort zone, unable to expand and reach into the great unknown.

And, friend, the unknown is where change actually happens!

How to do it

  • To transform your reality and make the changes you wish to see in your reality, start by becoming aware of those moments you feel afraid.

  • Is the fear provoked from the fact you may actually succeed? Then, what about success is so scary?

  • Tune into the parasympathetic nervous system instead, aka 'Rest and Digest'. Do this by taking deep abdominal breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Remind yourself that you are safe, and continue to breathe deeply, sensing your body relaxing further. Notice if any thoughts or images start to show up in your mind. Write them down afterwards.

  • List as many reasons as you can why you fear fulfilling your full potential, and one by one you can begin to unravel the ways they have held you back, so you can progress ahead.

#2 - Procrastination

From personal experience, I’d say procrastination is very much linked to overthinking. It’s not to say you’re lazy, but if you’re giving your mind an overwhelming amount to work with, you simply won’t have the energy to move your body and take the required action.

When you have an abundant amount of ideas and projects you wish to manifest, it can feel like a struggle to know where to begin, and what to prioritise. Let alone to actually complete something!

A big revelation I’ve had is that at the beginning stages of building any foundation, is that focusing on less can truly result to more!

When you complete one small task, you feel a rush of excitement, and that spurs you on to creating more. It builds trust within yourself, that ‘YES’ you can do it! And, it gets the ball rolling for more and more ideas to come alive.

How to do it
  • Set a notebook for ‘ideas/projects’ and write down everything which you consider is interesting.

  • Not all ideas are meant for us to bring into reality, so it’s important to choose the right ones for you in this moment in time, and come back for the rest at a later day, OR share them with others when/if it feels aligned.

  • Notice the moment or season in life you are in right now. Which idea seems to fit into what you’re trying to manifest?

  • Which project do you feel most drawn to, and what do you envision yourself doing? I recently realised that starting this blog was the best option for expressing my creativity, expanding my brand and reaching more people. It feels natural for me to write what I feel, despite the initial fears, that made me doubt my skills as a writer, or knowing which topic to write about - as I too, have an overflowing amount of ideas! But, here I am. Doing my best to set the right intentions and take small daily actions.

  • Taking small daily steps, keeps you on the right track, and assures you that you are completing what you set out to do. Three months from now, you’ll look back and those small steps will amount to a body of work you can be proud of committing to and achieving your goals!

5 Blocks Which Are Holding You Back From Reaching Your Full Potential

#3 - Limiting Beliefs

Limitations can take form in many ways. One thing to explore is how you communicate with yourself.

Do you limit or empower yourself through thoughts, affirmations and actions?

Let’s say you’ve completed a training, and you have the required knowledge and skills to get your started on working with clients or setting up a business. Do you catch yourself saying, ‘I’m not ready to do this because.. I have no paid clients.. I have no authority.. I am not good enough/experienced enough..’. Reflect on the thoughts which come to mind, especially when you feel overwhelmed or stuck.

It may be as easy as becoming aware of the negative thought, and replacing it for something more empowering. ‘I have no paid clients yet, but we all have to start somewhere’.

The more you work on delivering a powerful and authentic message about what you do, the more others will resonate and value what you do.

How to do it

  • Journaling is a great way to notice your thoughts, as is meditation practice.

  • Once you are aware of how you communicate with yourself, continue to affirm and empower the beliefs which are true for you and work on improving or letting go of the ones that are not serving you.

  • Find examples of people you admire and consider to be successful. Learn more about their journey, and the challenges they overcame to be where they are now. You may be surprised to find that even they have at some point doubted themselves, or continue to face their fears even now. This will validate that fears, and other forms of limitations you may have, and show you that they are just a normal part of the process in reaching your full potential.

#4 - Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be considered as having high expectations of yourself, and whatever you do, to never be enough. It can feel like a mask of illusions, preventing you from achieving your goals because the goals are either unrealistic or too abstract to fulfil.

To create in flow state, and feel fulfilled with your achievements, you must take the mask off and see what is right in front of you.

Realise that ‘perfect’ is an illusion. What one person considers one thing as beautiful, another will think is ugly. Therefore, how can you possible achieve perfection and please everyone?

Do your best to please yourself first, with the vision you have, and appreciate the effort and love you put into the process. This will allow you to keep going, and create the moment you need to make bigger and better things along your journey.

How to do it

  • Ask yourself, ‘Do I set myself too much to do, and do I feel overwhelmed by this?’

  • Do I set myself realistic goals, and how often do I achieve them?’

  • 'Do I feel fulfilled when I achieve my goals, and do I celebrate my successes?'

When you answer the above questions, see if you need to make adjustments, and as mentioned in the previous point, focus on small daily actions rather than pouring all your energy at once.

Discover your Core Values, and align your life in a way that it supports you.

5 Blocks Which Are Holding You Back From Reaching Your Full Potential

#5 - Low Self-Worth

How you feel about yourself, will impact where you focus your energy. Shift where you focus your energy and you can impact how you feel about yourself!

Perhaps, you envision a life of abundance, where you fulfil your dreams, have great relationships, wealth, new and exciting opportunities, but for some reason that vision feels way out into the distance right now.

Realise that the ideas which come to you, in various forms may I add, come to YOU for a specific reason! The fact you can see a better life for yourself, is showing you that you have every possible way of attaining it. If you can think it, you can be it!

From then on, consider if you’re ready to step into the ‘unknown’ where change can happen. To attain a new way of being, the old has to go. This means that you have to face yourself, and ask some important questions along the way. If you feel unworthy of having this new life, ask yourself ‘why’? 'What is holding me back from reaching my full potential?'

How to do it
  • Once again, journaling and meditation practices are a great way to calm the nervous system, and gain insight. It helps to deepen the connection you have with yourself, and reveal what in your life is aligned to who you truly are and what you can start to let go of.

  • Are certain people in your life putting you down, or simply you find that conversations are not flowing and empowering enough for you?

  • Do you feel uninspired with your work or daily routines?

  • Do you exercise and fuel your body with nutritious food?

  • List the areas of your life you feel unfulfilled with and consider ways you can uplift them.

Remind yourself, that you are worthy and you are enough just as you are! When you can start to show more of who you truly are, even the things you consider about yourself to be awkward, you’ll resonate with more people and experiences which are alike to you. In that you’ll find the beauty, and freedom to shine even brighter!

Leave a comment below if this post spoke to you in some way! To learn more about Self Development and Spirituality head over to and be sure to check out more posts here. 5 Blocks Which Are Holding You Back From Reaching Your Full Potential


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