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Meet Your Coach

Hi, my name is Valena, it’s lovely to meet you!

From as early as I can remember, I’ve been highly ambitious, creative, sensitive and very curious about the meaning of life.

Growing up in Bulgaria in the 90’s, I felt extremely connected to its beautiful nature, the easy way of daily life that didn’t involve much technology, many activities I delved in like skiing, painting, gymnastics and playing outside until sunset.

There were challenges, that were felt for sure, but as a whole I remained a happy child.

Energy has always fascinated me, but not in the scientific sense, more like the spiritual force - kinda sense. I didn’t quite know exactly what that meant, until my first awakening experience during a tube ride in London, reading ‘The Power of Now’.  It was a day like any other, except I was on my way back from yoga teacher training, and even though many years have past since, the memory of that moment remains as clear as any new.

Valena Lova Personal Development Coach and Consultant Yoga Teacher and Artist

As a child, my connection to spirituality was apparent.

My family was very open to the alternative, esoteric and even the mystical, and I always felt safe in knowing there was more to life than what we could grasp through our senses.


Age 6, my mum moved to London for work, in hope to start building a better future for us. When she came to visit, she introduced me to meditation. It felt natural to let go, and follow her guided instructions. However, one experience left me feeling afraid, and paused the process of exploring meditation further.

During my teens, after having moved to the UK, age 10, feeling unstable and insecure in many aspects of life, it became a struggle to know what direction to go in, to sustain relationships and to love myself, how one deserves to be loved. It’s a normal teenage experience for most, but being highly sensitive I felt confused, lonely and felt overwhelming stress on a daily basis, even past my teens. It even manifested into a physical form all over my body, known as hives, which on and off affected the quality of my life for 20 years.


Every time I visited Bulgaria, I found myself searching for new methods to heal myself, for more information that can bring me closer to finding the answers needed, and every time I did manage to learn something new, as well as gain new perspective. However, it didn’t stop me from finding life less difficult, less stressful or closer to accepting myself as I was.

That day on the tube in London, I felt my life renew in an instant. It felt like I woke up - literally! Ekhart Tolle, the author, describes a practice called, ‘the witness state’, where you look at your thoughts as they pass from an outsider perspective. It’s not easy to put into words, as what I felt was a ‘knowing’ kinda experience, but in that moment I became aware of my thoughts and felt the shift of looking inward like never before. It changed everything for me.

Since then, my curiosity for the alternative, and esoteric as well as much more continues, because with every new moment I observe the present, it brings me closer to myself. It shows me just how connected everything and everyone is. I see awareness as my strength, and I believe through this practice of being here and now, anyone can transform their ability to experience life on their terms.

I realised that what I lacked during those really challenging times was my ability to be clear with my intentions, my focus was on fear, negativity which drew me further away from my truth. Now I have a toolbox, full of techniques to get me out of those situations. Because, you see life will always present us with challenges, but how we choose to deal with them, how we respond energetically, and choose to resolve them, is actually all in our control.

Valena Lova Personal Development Coach and Consultant Yoga Teacher and Artist

My mission is to help ambitious men and women who envision a life bigger than their current limitations. 

It all starts with a choice, a vision, a desire to make a change. If you can see it, feel drawn to it, for sure explore it!

I help you clarify what you want your life to be like, align your goals to what you value most, how to structure your visions into action steps, monitor your progress and motivate you along the path to manifesting the reality you desire.

The time we are living in NOW is more abundant than ever, and it’s up to you to focus toward the future you wish to be a part of - allow me to guide you along the way to achieving your greatness.

Request the 'Coaching Client Guidebook' to learn more about coaching sessions with me, including price plans and more here

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