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My mission is to guide you through self-discovery! I help you manifest your goals, through loving awareness, manage your time and energy more efficiently and support you in the process of realising your full potential!


As far as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by "energy", and sharing spiritual concepts on what it means to be a human being!


In early childhood I was introduced to meditation, and in 2014 I started my yoga journey. Those systems among others, including Human Design, Reiki, Life Coaching, and Art, are some of the paths I’ve been able to find meaning and purpose in life.

The tools I have available, allow me to uncover new parts of who I am, and deal with challenging situations. Through daily actions and rituals, I am now living a more conscious and purposeful way of life, continually exploring obstacles and ways to overcome them. But, mostly I am more relaxed in life, now. 

If you're looking to shift something in your life, yoga is a great way to do that. It is also wonderful for stretching, and strengthening your body, which in turn affects your mind, and energy. I believe that, actions speak way louder than words, so try a class out and see if you resonate in this moment in time. 

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Hi, my name is Valena, lovely to meet you!

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