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My mission is to guide you through self-discovery, manifesting your goals and realising your full potential!


As far as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by discovering, and sharing with others what it means to be a human being!


In early childhood I was introduced to meditation, and in 2014 I started my yoga journey. Those practices among with others, including Human Design, Reiki, Life Coaching, and Art, are some of the paths I’ve been able to find meaning and purpose in life.


The tools I carry with me, allow me to uncover new parts of who I am, and deal with challenging situations.


I’ve come to realise that my early conditioning has layered many fears and limitations which have in many ways held me back from revealing who I truly am, and what I’m able to contribute to humanity.


Through daily actions and rituals, I am now living a more conscious and purposeful way of life, continually exploring obstacles and ways to overcome them.


One key discovery, is that mastering self love, is the foundation for building upon a path of becoming confident, and free from limitations.

Becoming the conscious creator of your own reality, and living in alignment is your birthright.


It’ll be my honour to guide you into discovering who you truly are!

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Hi, my name is Valena, lovely to meet you!

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