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Yoga Classes

Weekly Morning Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Flow / Beginner + Intermediate Level

Wednesday's 9:30-10:30

The Thomas Wall Centre

Sutton, Surrey


Located in the 'Parlour' Hall 

Valena Lova Life Coaching and Yoga

Class Structure

This Gentle Vinyasa Flow Class offers a variety of yoga postures, suitable for beginners and intermediate students. It includes variations of classic postures, it targets different parts of the body to bring awareness, balance, flexibility and strength. 

Breathing exercises and meditation/relaxation is included to promote harmony and clarity. 

The yoga sequences are designed to take you on a journey, by inviting you to set an intention which can serve as a reminder throughout the practice, and encourage you to be present, more observant and curious about every new moment you experience. 


First class £10


Drop-in £13


Monthly pass £44 (4 weeks/£12 per class)

Please enquire about paying via online transfer or bring correct payment amount if playing cash. Payments made in advance offer discount and can be used within the period specified, and encourage regular attendance for your development. Last minute cancellations are not covered and lessons missed unfortunately cannot be carried on for later dates. Please contact if you’ve booked but can no longer attend a class, as spaces are limited.


Please note that there is a limited amount of equipment available, and it’s encouraged you bring along your own yoga mat/props so you feel more comfortable and avoid disappointment, as what we have is offered on a first come serve basis.


Thank you for your understanding, please feel free to get in touch if you have further questions or concerns.


I’m so excited to see you on the mat!

If you're not local to the area, but would still like to practice with me - check out my Yoga Playlist on YouTube and follow along to a variety of classes. 

If you're enjoying the free content and benefit from it, consider "Buying me a Coffee' here. Your support is highly appreciated! 

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