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5 ways to live in the moment; simple tools for abundant results

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Becoming aware is a practice that enables you to be present, to be in the only moment that truly exists - right now.

Time can be used as a resource, for when we plan or set goals, however overthinking or dwelling about past experiences, can make us feel sad, lonely, angry, even at times depressed. Also, if we spend too long in the future, and attach to expectations, worry about the unknown, we can experience anxiety, uncertainty and feel overwhelmed.

When we set the intention to bring our attention to the present moment more often, we can explore our current reality, as it is. Not tamed by past memories or comparison.

We can’t go back in time and change the past, nor can we predict the future.

But, in this moment right now, we can decide where to focus.

When we get to know ourselves better, we can make better choices which are aligned to who we are and what we value. Then, we can walk proudly towards the future, knowing we did the very best we were capable of at that moment in time.

feeling proud of our choices

Below are some ways you can explore taking action, that will enable you to pause, observe, reflect and learn more about yourself, now, so you can take control over your actions.

Conscious Breathing self-awareness, live in the moment, conscious living,

Breathing is an automatic process, however by bringing attention to it we can become aware of how we breathe. We can make required changes by controlling the speed and depth of the breath, as well as the areas of body we sense when breathing. self-awareness, live in the moment, conscious living,

When you focus on taking a deep breath in through the nostrils, and remain present to the process, you automatically arrive to the here and now. Your mind isn’t fixated on the past or trying to figure out the future, but instead it is exploring this very moment.

How to do it

You can simply focus on the air passing in through the nostrils, and back out through the nose.

If you can keep this going for longer, shift your attention to the abdomen. Watch and feel how it expands and gently contracts. Then, allow the breath to extend as you continue to experience any other sensations, which may become present. By taking deeper breaths into the abdomen you’ll begin to feel more at peace, as the process will naturally calm the nervous system, and in turn the mind.

Walking in Nature

Going for a walk outside, especially among nature, can deepen your connection to yourself and help you focus on the present moment. Opt for a quiet environment surrounded by trees, rather than a busy road near cars and polluted air, whenever possible. The experience you're likely to have will be impacted by your environment.

How to do it

Bring awareness to every step you take, by sensing the ground beneath, the leg muscles activate and continue to explore the sensations throughout the body as your attention lifts through you.

If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate, name the parts of your body as you try and sense them at the same time. This will help keep your mind focused on the instructions you give it, and experience the actions taken right now.

You can also spread your focus around, and notice the trees, birds and plants, listen carefully to any sounds, feel the wind and anything else that might come about.

If you feel comfortable enough, touch the trees or even better, give them a big hug!

‘I am’ Affirmations

Affirmative statements can help you direct your attention towards a specific goal or purpose you wish to pursue. This can be material or emotional success, an external or internal experience.

If you’re looking to change a current limitation, it may take some time to see results. It may feel uncomfortable at first to believe what you say, but nevertheless, it’s a great exercise to focus your mind on something positive.

And, the more you focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want, the more aligned you become to your true destination.

By making these habits part of your daily routine, and embody them into your core, you can navigate through any situation or challenge you are faced with.

How to do it

Here are some suggestions to try that can help you awaken to this moment, now.

’I am present’

‘I am open to receiving guidance’

‘I am grateful to be here and now’

See how many affirmations you can come up with, which relate to what you wish to experience, and remember that you must say them in the present tense, as this will help your mind believe they are real. Repeat the words, and feel what they stand for!


Writing what you feel, think, believe and experience is a great way to release and reflect on your life. It’s a way of seeing how you communicate with yourself, the dreams you have and the way you perceive reality. It can be healing to release your thoughts on paper.

It is also a powerful tool for materialising thought, simply by bringing it into existence, as you write it down.

How to do it

Create the habit of writing, and explore what is the best way for you to connect to yourself.

Journaling can be done at any time of day, however it has been said, that writing first thing in the morning helps to connect best with the subconscious mind. Just like a stream, you can pour thoughts on paper, without judgement, simply observing the process. It can serve as a release, and reveal to you what is present in your life at this moment.

Creative Outlet

Creativity does not conform to only arts and crafts. It is a flood of inspiration that comes to you, and it can be applied to everything you do. To get the ball rolling, it may be helpful to ask yourself what you enjoy doing, something which helps you relax or have fun. You can go back in time and explore the childhood hobbies, or attend local/online classes for inspiration.

When you are involved in activities which you enjoy, your mind will naturally become present to the experience.

finding a creative outlet for deepening self awareness

When you have fun, your energy will naturally elevate. The more skilled you become at doing this, the more automatic the process will be, and the easier you’ll connect to the present moment because of it.

How to do it

Write a list of 100 things you have enjoyed doing, throughout your life! I know, it seems like a lot, but it’ll get your subconscious mind stimulated, and by the end you can feel proud for completing the task, and might even feel surprised at the results that show up in front of you!

Pick your top ten choices, and explore one each week/month in more detail.

Note down your experiences and reflect on whether this brings you joy, and if you wish to explore it further!

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