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5 things to do to overcome burnout

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

It can feel like an overwhelming task to take care of yourselves when you are in burn out mode.

The last thing you want to do when you are in a low vibrational space, is to have fun, eat nutritious food, exercise or hug trees! I get it, been there more often that I’d like to admit.

However, through the years, I’m discovering more and more that no amount of Netflix binging is going to save you or elevate you. Dont get me wrong, it might help to distract or numb you for a while, but unless you choose to become fully aware of the root causes to the burn out itself, heal and adjust to a lifestyle that is supporting you, you’ll be returning to the same place of low vibes more often than you’d like.

Making the conscious choice to focus on my healing journey has been a wild and uncomfortable process at times. However, I can honestly say that every tear I’ve shed, every letter of forgiveness written to people that have hurt me, and a ton more, has been totally worth it!

And my journey is not over, it’s a process that uncovers new layers and more healing work to be done. The main thing is that I am choosing to go down this path, because I see more clearly, feel more at ease with who I am, and can start to find ways of supporting the version of me that is yet to become.

5 things to do to overcome burnout

The first step in healing yourself, whether that is from burn out, or anything else, is to acknowledge that you have a choice. You have full responsibility over your life, like it or not, and hearing the truth can suck, but it can also transform your reality for the better. Choose which one of the two you’d like to believe in, and know that you have permission to take control of your life in every possible way, at any given time.

Our minds are powerful beyond belief, yet they require the correct type of belief systems to make them the master of our reality.

If the mind is not tamed, then the mind will control what we think, speak and manifest

And notice that I describe the mind as something separate, as part of who we are, but not who we truly are. Personally, experiencing this for the first time was mind blowing… no pun intended!

If I am not the mind, I am not defined by it, and therefore I can change it.

If the mind is not serving me through the negative thoughts and experience, and I have full responsibility over my choices, then I can change it, simply by making the choice to do so!

It sounds great in theory, doesn’t it? If only it was that simple, to wake up one day, wave our magic wands and whoop, transform!!!

The missing link: action 5 things to do to overcome burnout

Thought alone, is not enough in creating the transformation we want, we must connect to the material or physical plane, to complete the process. To do that, action is required, the action we all despise to take, especially when we feel uninspired, or exhausted aka - the all too familiar ‘burn out’. In order to make a change, you have to start by taking the all important action. Here are some steps, to get you started in order to change and transform your state.

Building self-awareness - to notice where we are, what’s working and isn’t serving, how we feel and who we aspire to become, is all part of the initial valuation process. It’s point ‘A’ in your healing journey. The more often you catch yourself throughout the day, the more chances you have to become aware of this moment. In the present moment, you can awaken to your senses. How you feel, on all levels of your being.

The next step, is to start the communication process, the listening and responding.

Becoming aware of how your thoughts impact your decisions, if they are empowering you or keeping you stuck, (most commonly by fearing the unknown) will help you gain clarity.

Once you identify your thoughts, you can make the choice to change them or affirm them.

The more you practice becoming aware, and affirm the empowering thoughts, the better your alignment to what actions you choose to take

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, afraid, uncomfortable, indecisive, or comparing yourself to others, pause to reflect on your life. Ask yourself questions like;

What action can I take right now that will help me feel more aligned, comfortable, at peace, in better ease?

Your subconscious will respond, either through gently speaking, your body reacting through sense, or you may notice an external sign in your environment.

To become aware, once again practice becoming present. If you need to rest, make the choice to do so, if you need to say ‘no’ to someone or something, that isn’t right for you, then go ahead.

The sooner you catch yourself in feeling out of alignment, the quicker you can offer support for healing, the less time you’ll spend in the low vibe situations.

5 things to do to overcome burnout

The following action steps will help you to shift your energy and make the desired changes, so that you can overcome burn out more quickly.

Take this advice as a reminder that can inspire and motivate you towards acceptance of the moment you find yourself in, and progress to a place of greater calm, rest and healing.

#1 Rest

Rest can be interpreted through sleep, short naps, or simply sitting and laying down for some time.

If I feel overwhelmed, one of the quickest ways to regain some energy is for me to simply sit down for a couple of minutes, when I intentionally choose to do this, the effects of rest over my body seem profound.

Other times, of course longer periods of rest may be needed, especially if feeling stressed or overcoming a cold. It can be a challenge to allow yourself to rest when the to do lists are overflowing, but intentional time off, will spring you back to life much quicker than you’d think. Recharge yourself, enjoy the time with yourself, and appreciate the opportunity you have allowed for, to nourish you in every possible way.

How to do it

Track the activities in your day for a week or longer, then become aware of moments where you can intentionally allow for some rest. Even if at first you don't feel like taking a rest is needed, focus on the new habit you're building. The habit of rest. In the long run, you'll appreciate the time you create for your wellbeing, and could notice less burnout or even an increase in energy!

#2 Exercise

Moving your body will help shift your energy. Sometimes we need the body to remain still for deep rest, or meditation, and other times we can encourage it to flow and become energised through moving it.

Exercising and moving your body can offer different effects, to how you feel, some long term benefits and others, can be almost instant.

Moving your body to music can transform your mood, from stagnant to more uplifted. Try shaking your limbs or entertaining your kids with some star jumps, and see what happens. If nothing else, it’ll make you laugh! And there’s the quick mood boost you may need in that moment.

Exercise on the other hand, is a process of taking care of your body, as well as your overall health. It requires stronger self-discipline, and consistency for results to be seen and most importantly felt.

If you’re struggling to stick to an exercise you enjoy, keep exploring.

The more you connect to your body, the better chances of sensing and recognising the signals it sends out your way.

How to do it

Start small and build up from there. Begin with 10 min of preferred exercise a day, and gradually increase. Try yoga, walking, dancing or playing with your children.

Find a community of like minded people or a friend that can keep you accountable.

Keep a journal of your progress and note down how you feel every day, try to do this without judgement, simply explore and record your findings.

#3 Set Boundaries

When we are around certain people we may feel our energy literally drained. Setting boundaries can help maintain our spirit high, and protect our integrity from people, or conversations which do not serve us in the right way. Boundaries can be placed to all relationships you have in life.

How to do it

Reflect and focus one area at a time, and ask yourself where you can gain more energy by releasing or improving the relationship you have with money, your emotional, mental, and physical parts of yourself.

How can you improve your spending habits, how you communicate to yourself, where you spend your time, and who you choose to spend it with.

Improving the way you show up in life with begin to transform how you feel energetically.

#4 Learn New Skills

Learning new information, and then applying it into practice has been documented to create new pathways in the brain. This strengthens your mind, and since the body and mind are interconnected, it can have profound effects on how you feel about yourself and the outlook you have on life.

Think about a time in your life when you learnt something new.

Q: How did it make you feel? What improved in your life because of it?

I enjoy reading books, attending workshops and trainings which help me develop my skills, and further my knowledge. This not only improves my life, but it’s especially rewarding when I am able to help others through advice or direction that is relevant to them, when asked for. Knowledge can open doors and opportunities, it can help you feel confident, and comforted. It can truly boost your energy!

How to do it

Reflect on the times you felt inspired, or curious to learn more about something you came across.

Where were you at the time, what medium of learning to you enjoy most, and how do you learn best?

Perhaps, you enjoy reading, listening or taking part in a physical activities that get your body moving?

Do you prefer learning on your own or in a group?

If you're still unsure, the best way to discover your interests and preferences, is to once again take action! Find a local class, search online study platforms, or visit a library and delve into some material. Try a bunch of things out, and cross or tick them off your list.

#5 Connect with Nature

Walking among nature can help us feel grounded, uplifted and more energised. When we remove all the distractions, and tune in to the sounds of nature we can experience greater calm within ourselves. Often times if we feel anxious, because we’re overthinking or focusing on the future which we cannot predict.

We can connect back to our body and this moment, by walking and observing the beauty of nature. The term ‘get grounded’ can be interpreted as this shift of energy, from mind to body. If your focus is in your mind and the stories it tells you, then shift it down to the body.

How to do it

Feel your feet on the ground, look around you, hear the birds and the wind in the trees, take deep breathes, let the sun rays stroke your face, and as you continue to repeat mindfully stepping in the present moment, notice the changes which occur.

More often than not, you’ll feel better and more in control of the now.

Remember, to prioritise what is important to you, and be sure to include quality rest, and fun in your list too. Slowing down can help you become more efficient and allow for bigger results when you prioritise your health and wellbeing.

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5 things to do to overcome burnout

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