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My approach to coaching integrates different systems of self exploration and offers practical ways of implementation, so you can create your own unique systems which are aligned to who you are and achieve the results you truly desire.


I can help navigate you deeper within, and support you through a journey of self love, acceptance, improvement and ultimately transformation.

Personal Development is one of my core values. By bringing awareness to mind, body and soul, my intention to grow in these aspects of Self, is guided through loving awareness.


What we seek is the connection to who we truly are.

What we need is to be reminded of what we value, and realise our deepest desires.

What we want is to make an impact by living authentically to who we truly are.


Allow me to guide you through the stages of self discovery, assist you in building systems that bring ease and stability to your life, and support your progress in fulfilling your goals.


Yoga goes beyond the physical postures, and deeper into the layers of who we are. It’s a system of discovering our True Self.

It includes tools and teachings which allow for understanding and building self-awareness, through which we are able to notice what isn’t working, and make the changes to align to what is.

When we take action, we shift into a new way of being.

Coaching helps you gain clarity, and begin the process of building new foundations. When the ground beneath is strong and steady, the rest can follow and flow with more ease.


If you feel drawn to Yoga, Manifestation, Spirituality, Personal Development AND  resonate with my story of how I’ve overcome personal challenges, then I’d love to delve deeper with you on your transformational journey!

Do you feel like you lack direction and purpose in life?

Coaching can offer introspection and structure that will allow you to build routines, become more disciplined and at ease with life.

Do you feel overwhelmed or lack energy?

Coaching will help you to understand your values and align them to your goals, so that you can feel fulfilled with your accomplishments.

Do you want to feel more confident and in control of your actions?

Transform thoughts, and limiting beliefs into abundant thinking and inspired action steps. 

Coaching sessions allow you to strengthen your self-awareness, and establish practical steps towards accomplishing your desired goals. Attention is placed on the present moment, and future potential. 


All the answers you need are already within you, and therefor I will only guide you, never tell you what must be done. We will work with a variety of coaching techniques, depending your current needs, as well as future ambitions. Those include NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and many other tools derived from my deep knowledge and expertise of Yoga studies.


Transformation requires a clear vision, and consistent action steps in the direction you want to go. Therefor a block of sessions offers a great path for the evolution of where you are now, to where you need to go to fully embrace the changes you desire.

1-hour exploration sessions are also available depending on your situation, and can be a lovely introduction to what coaching can do for you in the long-run. 

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