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Due to the worldwide pandemic, we are practising from the comfort of our homes for the time being. 
Once we have the all clear, classes will resume in our local area. 
Until then, you can still join a class, using the free and easy to use platform, 'Zoom' 
All you need is your phone/tablet/computer and something comfy to wear - even your Pijamas will do! 
More classes are soon to be added onto the Timetable, in the meantime if you have questions or requests, feel free to get in touch. 
Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Sundays from;
10:00 - 11:15

Learn the tools the practice of yoga has to offer and develop a stronger body, breath and mind connection. Be kind, curious and observant, as you set out on this journey, but most importantly, be prepared to have fun!

Physical postures awaken the body, build stamina and increase strength and flexibility.

Breath-control practices increase awareness and connect to body and mind. 


Preparing for your first class

What to wear - Comfortable exercise clothing (leggings/tracksuit bottoms/t-shirt)

No shoes are needed for the practice - bare feet not only minimise the risk of slipping but promote a stronger foundation and connection to the ground. (Yoga socks with grip are available to purchase from most specialised shops) 

Allow at least 1 hour 30 min for food consumption before start of class. Like any physical exercise, you want to ensure you feel comfortable and benefit most from the practice. As we aim to build heat within the body, water is not advised during but it’s important to keep hydrated! Bottle of water will do the trick if needed.

During Relaxation, the body begins to cool down from the physical exercise. (Extra scarf or blanket can comfort the process)

To enquire for class availability please click here : Contact 

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