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What is Self Development Coaching?

Some coaches focus only on traditional coaching methods, and others combine those with practical techniques from other areas of expertise.

The role of the coach is to direct the client, through a series of questions, to look deeper within, gain insight and new perspectives, so that he can realise where he is now and where he can grow. Self development coaching opens new possibilities and transforms realities.

The answers are always within, and only when realised, can the client feel fulfilled with the decisions and directions moving forward.

Coaching sessions allow the client to gain better awareness, and establish practical steps in a direction that is helpful in accomplishing the desired goals.

Through a series of questions, the coach guides the client to better connect to his inner wisdom/intuition, and discover the answers which align best to the different factors unique to him.

All the answers you need are already within you, and therefor a good coach will only guide you, never tell you what must be done.

Coaching allows the client to create systems, also known as habits, which are the pathway to reaching the desired goals, because through adapting new ways of being, change is possible. And the possibility to make a change through inspired action, will lead to a brand new identity - the person who is capable of achieving the intended goals!

There a many techniques that can be applied during a coaching session, tools can be offered to help gain perspective, or practices that can connect you better to realising your potential and then better direct in how to best fulfil it.

Coaching sessions can vary, depending on the goal you wish to accomplish.

Single Coaching session typically lasts one hour, and can be beneficial for getting clear on the initial process of goal setting. They can explore the current ‘self’ and routines, possibilities of creating systems, or getting a better idea of what coaching can do in the long-run.

They can also be helpful for figuring out a goal or direction to move into, if at this moment you are stuck between a couple, need to prioritise, gain clarity and purpose.

If you are new to coaching and want to see the various ways it can be applied to your life, learn tools and techniques that will serve as a guiding force, can be applied in this one coaching session.

Block of Coaching sessions allow for a more consistent navigation, can be hugely beneficial to not only achieving goals, but finding rhythm and balanced way of living.

Regular coaching sessions will provide motivation and support to help keep you on the chosen route. To observe and once again, direct you to yourself through the right questions and techniques.

In these sessions, deeper work can be done between the coach and the client. Topics can be explored, such as 'belief systems', 'values', 'time management', etc.

Regular exercises and assignments can be offered, depending on the goals required.

As, your coach I intend to direct you mindfully, and encourage you to move at your own pace, create small daily steps which can bring you big results over time.

Depending on your intention, we can put in place a system that will align with the various elements of your life, so that you can have long-lasting, and sustainable results.

The investment you give to your self-development can impact your way of life, and transform how you see yourself within it. The work is done both internally, as well as externally.

Longer sessions are available, as well as check-in email communication.

If you feel connected to coaching, and want to work with me, then get in touch right away. I would like to offer you a free 15 minute no obligation consultation phone call to go over your interest.

I’m offering a coaching discount for the month of February, so be sure you sign up to my newsletter here also feel free to contact me to find out more on pricing, by direct message, email or filling out the contact form here.

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