✈️🧳 Things To Do In Plovdiv Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Welcome here! Plovdiv is said to be the oldest European City, 2019's European City of Culture AND my birth town!

It really is such a beautiful destination to visit, and if you get the opportunity to do so, you must!

Family Travel VLOG 2021 ✈️🧳 Things To Do In Plovdiv Bulgaria 🇧🇬

We recently went on a family vacation for almost a month, spending time at grandma's house, as well as two spa breaks in and around Plovdiv. Check out the videos below for more details and inspiration on where to go, things to do and see.

I'll take you along and share with you a day in the life of our staycation on vacation, in our hometown of Plovdiv, Bulgaria! We're staying at grandma's house, and exploring old as well as new places we love, and hope to inspire you to visit one day also!

Comparing Our Experiences 🌊⛱️ 🇧🇬 At These Unique SPA Breaks Near Plovdiv

I'll share with you our honest experiences at the two spa hotels we visited, near Plovdiv, Bulgaria! Both affordable, family friendly and very unique. Lots of laughs, unforgettable moments and gratitude for what we have present in our lives.

You Should Be Here 🤯 Visiting Our Hometown Plovdiv ✈️ 🇧🇬 Travel VLOG

I'll take you along from the UK to Plovdiv, Bulgaria - show you where we stayed, the things we got up to and some fun experiences along the way! Be sure to check out the previous VLOGS so you're up to date with our travels, and find more inspiration for travels in and near Plovdiv.

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