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How do we stay inspired when we feel unmotivated?

Updated: Jan 28

How do you feel first thing you wake up in the morning?

Let’s say you’ve had good quality sleep, you’re in good health and you have a direction or focus that you feel passionate about. Yet, some days you’re just ‘heavy’, unmotivated and lack in energy.

It’s EASY to flow with life when we are motivated, but when that feeling shifts, what are we left with? How to we carry on?

Here’s what can help!

Work on being more disciplined

Just like your muscles need toning, your willpower needs working on too!

You don't 'magically' start doing it all. It takes time to build effective habits and to become the type of person who achieves his/her goals. The more you practice something, the better at it you become. So, take small daily steps in the right direction and soon you'll master your way to success.

Create a morning routine

Do what you enjoy! Including quiet time, exercise and nutritious food.

Sometimes, it helps to get the more challenging tasks out the way, to avoid procrastination, this way you can fly through the rest, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

"Schedules are meant to help not hinder. Create them with your lifestyle in mind." – CHRISSY HALTON

Plan, and stick to your schedule, even when you don’t feel like it

'To-do' lists are never-ending! But, how much of what is written down, tends to get ticked off? Try setting yourself realistic daily goals, by grouping similar tasks, and focusing on one thing at a time rather than multi-tasking. Don’t forget to include self-care, and socialising in your planner, so you can celebrate as well as relax!

Balance = Happiness!

And most importantly, try to create balance in your life, because without it you’ll always tip the scales and will never feel fully satisfied! Reflect and note down each area of your life. Figure out what needs more focus, then take the steps necessary to fill the gaps.

Every day is different, but if we want to succeed in anything, consistency is key.

When you wake up notice how you feel. By acknowledging your feelings you bring awareness to the thoughts and sensations in your body.

So, next time you wake up feeling ‘heavy’, say to yourself, ‘Hey feels, I see you! And I choose to let you go.’

Then, carry on with your day, observing what new experience start to arise and flow.

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