7 Healthy Habits That Changed My Life || Simple AND Productive

I'll share my Top 7 Habits that have really helped to change my life for the better!

1. Exercise - moving your body, promotes the good hormones, shift of energy, perspective, keeps you feeling and looking longer (how you feel on the inside reflects on the outside) taking care of yourself, shows love and respect - all part of self care!

2. Get enough sleep - some of us can function better on 8 hours sleep, other on 6, and some on 12! The main thing to focus on is getting quality sleep, working on a night time routine can be a helpful way of winding down and calming your whole being for the night ahead!

3. Laugh more - have you heard of laughing yoga? Even in moments when you don’t have much to smile about, you can turn that frown upside down in no time! This is best down in company, but you can try it on your own.. you literary have to force yourself to start laughing and the momentum will build from there! Trust me it’s a fun exercise and you’ll thank yourself later for giving it a go!

4. Meditate - just like exercising your body will keep you physically in shape, meditating can help you clear, focus, relax and achieve when you spend time working on your mind.

5. Avoid alcohol / Junk food - talk about energy (look for book that explains it) - put healthy food options in front of you /this way - you’re more likely to reach for the healthier option!

Also opt for home cooked meals instead of takeaways, you’ll not only feel healthier, but you’ll save money along the way!

6. Challenge Yourself - depending on your personality, phase of life, and other circumstances, try to find a good balance between challenging yourself and knowing when to step back.

You can avoid feeling bored by exploring and learning new skills, writing down goals, or making time for self care! Sometimes, finding time to relax can be the challenge itself, so tune in and give yourself what you need most!

7. Create a cozy environment - spend time taking care of yourself and your environment. As mentioned, how you feel inside reflects on your external self too. If you’re surrounded by clutter, and lists of things to do, you may feel overwhelmed and overtime experience burn out. Life is about finding balance, and something I find is helping me massively is working on being more disciplined. Spend 10 min a day decluttering parts of your home, ticking off tasks and writing thoughts on paper. Once this becomes a habit, overtime you’ll be surprised by the huge difference it makes in your life!

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