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yoga and lifestyle coaching

Yoga and Lifestyle Coaching
supports you along the journey of self discovery, overcoming limitations and aligning to your purpose, so that you can live to your full potential in a higher vibration

Do you feel like you lack direction and purpose in life?

Coaching can offer introspection and structure that will allow you to build routines, become more disciplined and at ease with life.

Do you feel overwhelmed or lack energy?

Coaching will help you to understand your values and align them to your goals, so that you can feel fulfilled with your accomplishments.

Do you want to feel more confident and in control of your actions?

Transform thoughts, and limiting beliefs into abundant thinking and inspired action steps. Become the best version of yourself. The version of you that can achieve greatness!

Overcome Limitations and Transform Your Life

Boost Self Confidence and Express your Voice

Yoga benefits and Tools to live mindfully

Improve efficiency and productivity 

Manage Stress and Elevate Success

Find Clarity and Create Sustainable Routines

Valena Lova

Certified Yoga Teacher and Master Coach 

It all starts with a choice, a vision, a desire to make a change. If you can see it, and feel drawn to it, for sure go for it!

That has been my life's motto! Because of my deep curiosity towards all things 'energy', 'spirituality', 'alternative healing', 'manifestation',  and more, I explore and focus on what brings me joy, despite the challenges, fears and limitations I am faced with. 

Allow me to share the tools, that have transformed my life, and guide you towards the path of self-discovery, self-development and self-expression, so that you too can reach high, vibe high, and live more abundantly! 

Embrace life on your own rules - choose loving awareness! 

yoga and lifestyle coaching
yoga and lifestyle coaching

"We all wish for world peace, but world peace will never be achieved unless we first establish peace within our own minds" - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

I came across Valena during the period of my life when I was confused and stuck. I felt lost and unclear about what steps to take next.​

Valena encouraged me to take small steps towards areas that needed my attention. She gave me an honest advice providing me with an insight into my logic that helped me to understand the way I think and act.

Valena’s kindness, empathy, great listening skills, her friendly and professional manner helped me to focus on what needs to be done in order to change my life.

Thank you Valena

- Suzie

I did an individual yoga session with Valena, specifically tailored for my needs, and I am extremely satisfied! Thank you, Valena! I have done yoga before, but with her it was different. She was able to guide me so well, even if the class was online, it made no difference. I am happy to recommend her!

- Vesela

I had a very helpful  session with Valena!

She is a great listener and a caring person, and with professional approach she did lead me to the real problem and gave me very useful suggestions .

I do recommend this young but wise lady with all my heart.

- Eli

I had a one-hour consultation with Valena, with which I was extremely impressed and satisfied!

I plan to continue working with her, not only because she is a wonderful person, motivator and specialist, but also because I felt her as a very close friend of mine, with whom I can share absolutely everything.

She asked me the right questions, thanks to which I came to new conclusions, and realized things that I had not even thought about before. This method has worked flawlessly and was particularly effective.

I highly recommend coaching sessions with her to people who truly desire rapid awareness and change.

Trust, and your life will transform in an instant!

- Nataliya

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