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You can achieve anything you focus on, you can transform a limited situation into an abundant one, you can make the impossible - possible! 

Learn the tools which help raise your current state of being, and live a more fulfilling life.

It all starts with an idea, and if you have a dream, but lack the needed tools to bring it to life - I can help guide you along the way in achieving your greatness.

Discover the variety of ways we can work together below.

Valena Lova Coaching Services Sutton

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions allow you to strengthen your self-awareness, and establish practical steps towards accomplishing your desired goals. Attention is placed on the present moment, and future potential. 

To learn more about 1:1 Coaching and more click here.

Valena Lova Yoga Classes Sutton

Yoga Classes

Local and online, Vinyasa Flow classes are available to book. Beginner friendly and intermediate level, be sure to join our friendly community and experience our themed yoga sessions. Find out more here. 

Lovawareness Online Coaching Programmes

Online Coaching Programmes 

Online Coaching programmes give you the flexibility to study and practice at your own pace, and with a variety of exercises, mentorship options, a supportive community and much more, you can focus on your goals and discover the best possible ways to achieving them. Enquire more here

Lovawareness Group Coaching Services Sutton

Group Coaching 

Group coaching is effective for targeting collective goals and finding the best strategies for achieving them. Group coaching can do just that. It can optimise work efficiency, performance, communication, relationships and much more.

Enquire more information here 

Coaching and Yoga Workshops Sutton

Coaching and Yoga Workshops

Workshops target specific themes, challenges and improve certain aspects of the individuals' current situation. Individual and group workshops are available, sign up to the newsletter here to stay updated for future events. 

Lovawareness Personal Development and Yoga Podcast

Lovawareness Podcast

Coming Soon! 

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