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About Me

Hello, I am Valena! It has been my life’s mission to understand what it is to be human, fascinated by how the mind works, how we perceive and experience the world, and just how we can manifest the reality we really want.

I’m a mother, yoga teacher, master coach, artist, reiki practitioner, someone who loves to read, write, cook and learn new things, always!


I graduated from university with Graphic Design and Illustration BA, worked as a freelance illustrator, entered art competitions and won opportunities to exhibit my work in art galleries, cafes and bars. Art has been a huge part of my life, however my perfectionistic tendencies overwhelmed and sabotaged my ability to succeed.

In 2014, my life started to transform drastically when I was introduced to yoga. I have seen gained experience in leading my own yoga groups, hosting workshops and mentoring on a Yoga Teacher Training Programme. 

More recently, after becoming a mother to my two wonderful children, I’ve come across other challenges, like post-natal lows and little self-esteem, which I’m finding more tools to deal with through new studies, people and practiced.


I discovered the world of coaching, and if I have to be honest, the questions and answers which are showing up for me there, are helping me reflect on my entire life, the reprogramming, self-talk, and how the impossible can be made completely possible!

I am now a Master Coach in Self Development, here to help others find their way home, back to themselves. To rediscover their life’s purpose with a new set of eyes, to heal, and achieve the life that’s worth living!

Work with me


If you’re brand new to Coaching, I’ll explain in a few simple words below how a session typically works. For more details read my blogpost on 'What is Self Development Coaching?'


If Coaching is for you, book a free 15 minute discovery call with me here, expressing your interest in working together and what the desired outcome of our sessions will be. If you're not sure, that ok, please add as much as you can and feel comfortable.

Options for sessions vary on the specified goals, from a one-off session to a block, or prolonged period of time where regular updates, and mentorships can result in bigger and longterm outcomes.


Anything and everything is possible, once we resolve the desired outcome through clear communication, we’ll be on our way to progress toward a successful outcome.

Coaching Sessions


The role of the coach is to direct the client, through a series of questions, to look deeper within, gain insight and new perspectives, so that he can realise where he is now and where he can grow. Self development coaching opens new possibilities and transforms realities.
  • Through a series of questions, I will guide you to better connect to your inner wisdom/intuition, and discover the answers which align best to the different factors unique to you. 

  • As, your coach I intend to direct you mindfully, and encourage you to move at your own pace, create small daily steps which can bring you big results over time.

  • Depending on your intention, we can put in place a system that will align with the various elements of your life, so that you can have long-lasting, and sustainable results.

  • The investment you give to your self-development can impact your way of life, and transform how you see yourself within it. The work is done both internally, as well as externally.​

  • I offer yoga practices, including meditation, breathing techniques, and mindfulness, which will serve as great practical tools when it comes to you putting everything into practice, as well as coaching practices to help change old belief systems, organisation and time-management, visualisation, and many more. 

  • I will always ask if you need practical steps and homework assignments which are never compulsory, but always recommended, and can help along the process. 

  • Change happens over time, and only when you feel ready to take action, you'll see a change in your reality. Allow yourself to make conscious changes. I look forward to seeing you grow and achieve greatness!

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